Green Fingers, Concrete Garden

Concrete Garden signGlasgow may be the dear green place, but when it comes to community growing facilities, we’re a bit limited.  Allotments have a huge waiting list, gardens are rare, and green spaces like the North Kelvin Meadow (as well as that adjacent to Otago Lane) are under constant threat from developers – because what we need round here is more shoebox apartments, clearly…

This makes spaces like the Concrete Garden up in Possil a rare and prized thing.  It’s a “Community run urban garden and food growing project providing growing space for the people of Possilpark and the wider North Glasgow area.”  It’s just up the road from my work, and I know a few of the people involved with the Concrete Garden and Depot Arts, which is just next door.  

I’m a fan.  They’ve transformed a big patch of concrete hard standing hidden behind a steel fence into an amazing space housing a pizza oven, numerous raised beds, a chicken coop, greenhouse and workshop area.  Total find, lovely atmosphere.

I’ve planted various bits and bobs on the balcony at Casa d’Elf over the years, and had great fun with it, but more recently it’s stalled, and I just haven’t quite managed to get going again.  Which is a shame, because eating potatoes that went from dirt to pot in 30 seconds, and cutting salad straight from the growbag onto a burger is a pretty damn tasty experience.

Veg Ledge

That being the case, I was very interested indeed in the Veg Ledge project, currently being run by the Concrete Garden.  We trooped up to the garden last Saturday for a workshop with Paula, who showed us how to prepare, sow, thin and harvest various crops in a wee growbag that’s the perfect size for window ledges.  All the growing instructions, seeds (and compost!) were provided for us to take away.  There’s enough there to sow and harvest a few different crops over the season – and the Concrete Garden will be keeping in touch during that time to see how we’re getting on, and offer support as we (re)learn how to grow our own food.

Contents of the Veg Ledge pack

Even the smallest of spaces – a windowsill, a doorstep – can be used to grow veg, herbs, flowers.  I’m looking forward to reclaiming my own wee bit of productive green space…


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