First steps… Sowing the Veg Ledge…

seed packets

I had great plans for this bank holiday weekend, but our household has been laid low by illness.  Rubbish as this is, it does give me the opportunity to get caught up with blog postings…

The next step in our Veg Ledge project was to get our first set of crops sown.  I chose turnip & carrot, B chose radish & lettuce.


watering can

We’re a bit short on the watering can front, so taking a tip from the Concrete Garden’s Paula, I grabbed an old 2litre plastic bottle, and the awl from my sewing kit, poking some holes in the cap.  I can’t believe how well it works, to be honest.

IMG_9023IMG_9024We filled the bags nearly to the top with compost (reserving a few handfuls) and settled it with a couple of light bangs on the ground, then fair soaked it with water, and left to drain.  Meanwhile, taking another piece of advice from Paula, we used strips of card cut from a tetra-pack (with the slightly waxed coating) to make markers for each crop.

Once drained, we scatter-sewed about half the seeds in each packet in their section, then topped off with about a centimetre of compost.  And found a nice wee spot for them on the balcony…

IMG_9026 bags in place


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